Wednesday, 01 April 2020 15:13

Electronic autoleveller

After two years of testing on field, we are ready to pourpose our trasformation from mechanical autoleveller to electronic one.

The project consist in a complete modification of the gillbox, every "zone" of the machine will be drived by an indipendent electric motor allowing an easy accurate setting of draft and sliver tension between creel - feeler/feeding - head - delivery.

Incoming material is measured by the feeler and the draft ratio will be constantly modified as to keep linear the sliver weight at delivery.

Electronic detection and point to point correction allows results with great precision that guarantee high sliver quality.


A very user friendly touchscreen panel permit to modify all working parameters and settings. Its design minimize the risk of mistake.

Working settings can be saved and reloaded for different production lot.

Mechanical organs are reduced to the minimun, less maintenance, no gearboxes with oil and no pulleys/gears change.

The noise reduction of the machine is easily appreciable

Electricity consumption of the whole machine is significantly reduced.


Drawing frame CSN ,VSN and DSN can be updated with our solution in every kind of delivery 700/800/1000/1200mm diameter cans, balls and also linked to a bumps press in 400/800 format.

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